Wabah Ulat Bulu

Probolinggo (jtv.co.id) – To inhibit the caterpillar population is increasingly raged, Probolinggo district agricultural department, spraying drug to kill the caterpillars and destroy egg cells attached to the houses of people and trees. In the meantime, until Monday, the caterpillar population was spread in a number of villages in 3 districts. When this condition is still left / it will be disturbing the people around.

Probolinggo district agricultural office, Monday morning, spraying against the plague of caterpillars which were increasingly growing in number at a number of houses and trees owned by local people.

Currently caterpillar population has reached millions of caterpillars. And stick dipohon mango trees. Which resulted in the mango tree is damaged and dry.

Caterpillar outbreak since two weeks his condition began to worry residents, the article currently caterpillars started to go home-home residents. Especially for young children, the article, when exposed to the human body will experience itching and heat in his body.

As is known, this caterpillar plague has spread in 4 villages in two districts, but currently has flourished and spread to other districts. Among other things, Leces district, district and subdistrict Tegalsiwalan banks.

According to residents, initially around the house residents many butterflies that fly, the number of butterflies are about one month, not long before caterpillars emerge from the mango trees around the house residents.

Meanwhile, caterpillar outbreak was caused because of the long rainy season this year, which resulted in the caterpillars hairs that should turn into a butterfly is not able to pupate and just turned into caterpillars.

The plan spraying against these caterpillars will continue to do every day in many villages that have been affected by outbreaks of caterpillars.


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